African Universities in Monitoring and Evaluation

African Universities in Monitoring and Evaluation play an important role in ensuring that development projects are on track and achieving their desired outcomes.

They provide critical oversight and feedback that helps project managers make necessary adjustments along the way. Without strong Monitoring and Evaluation systems in place, it would be difficult to ensure that development projects are effective and efficient.

African Universities have been at the forefront of developing and implementing innovative Monitoring and Evaluation systems that are tailored to the specific needs of the continent. As a result, they have gained valuable experience and expertise in this field that is essential for ensuring the success of development projects in Africa.

Each of these institutions has a strong reputation for providing quality education and training in this field.

Institution: University of Pretoria
School/College: The School of Health Systems and Public Health
Location: Pretoria, SOUTH AFRICA
Masters Offered: YES – Public Health with a Monitoring and Evaluation Concentration

Institution: The Open University of Tanzania
School/College: Centre of Economics and Community Economic Development (CECED)
Location: Tanzania, East-Africa
Masters Offered: YES- Master of Arts in Monitoring and Evaluation
Doctorate Offered: YES – Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Monitoring and Evaluation
Certificate/Professional Development Offered: YES – Short Courses in Monitoring and Evaluation 

University: Jimma University
College: College of Public Health and Medical Sciences
Location: Jimma, ETHIOPIA
Department: Department of Health Services Management
Masters Offered: YES – in Health Monitoring and Evaluation

Institution: University of Cape Town
School/College: Management Studies
Location: Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
Department: Organizational Psychology
Masters Offered: YES – in Program Evaluation
Doctorate Offered: Yes – in Program Evaluation
Certificate/Professional Development Offered: YES – in Program Evaluation

Differences between monitoring and evaluation
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