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We're dedicated to addressing global recruitment and international development challenges for top organizations. With EvalCommunity's award-winning programmatic tech and our 25+ years of recruitment marketing expertise, we've reaffirmed our commitment.

Built specifically to help professionals find International Development, and Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) positions and recruiters hire the best talent

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Increase your exposure by posting jobs and reducing your staffing charges and hiring costs. Simplifies the time-consuming parts of recruiting. Hire qualified candidates.

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EvalCommunity is the #1 Global Development board for monitoring, evaluation, impact, and social impact jobs and consultancies.

Automated job distribution: Quality and quantity. Access to top professionals.

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It is designed to connect M&E and Social Impact professionals allowing them the opportunity to gain valuable experience and advice for career development.

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Professional Services for Resume Writing, Cover Letters, LinkedIn Optimization, and Interview Preparation, tailored for individuals in the fields of International Development and Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E).

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